Or onchoceriasis.

Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala produce progress against river blindness Global health consultant Alanna Shaikh writes in this post in the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases’ ‘End the Neglect’ blog on the subject of the elimination of river blindness, or onchoceriasis, from progress and Colombia produced against the disease in Mexico and Guatemala. ‘In this overall economy of declining funds for global health, successes like these are a reminder of how efficient well-chosen health interventions could be just,’ she writes, adding, ‘Getting rid of river blindness will save money – – and human struggling’ .In half of the transplant situations, the livers had been injected with 30 mg/kg of NAC 1 hour before procurement, plus another 150mg/kg through the portal vein before cross-clamping. In the control group, the livers underwent no treatment before transplantation. 90 days after transplantation, the %age of sufferers with working transplanted livers was 93 % in the antioxidant group, compared with 82 % in the control group. At 12 weeks, the graft survival price in the control group had fallen to 70 %, but was still 90 % in the antioxidant group. Similarly, only 23 % of antioxidant patients suffered from complications, weighed against 51 % in the control group. Antioxidant treatment also dramatically improved patient survival. 90 days after surgery, 99 % of antioxidant individuals were still alive, compared with only 86 % of control patients.