A new web-based tool for streamlining patient recruitment for clinical medication trials.

Traditionally, most patient pre-trial screening has taken place on-site, a slow, expensive and inefficient process, but Accuracy Recruitment allows sufferers to be tested and screened at home before becoming asked to join a scientific trial. Cogstate estimates each dropped day costs drug businesses at least $600,000 in forgone revenue. These include clinical trials of medications treating psychosis, cancer, unhappiness and stroke at various stages of development .. Cogstate announces signing of first agreement for Precision Recruitment tool Cognition technology business Cogstate is pleased to announce the signing of its 1st contract for Accuracy Recruitment, a new web-based tool for streamlining patient recruitment for clinical medication trials.8 million of revenue for Cogstate over an estimated 24 month period.Most children obtain RSV by age two and have mild symptoms resembling a cold relatively. But for a small %age of infants like Jude, the tiny airways of the lung can get so inflamed, the virus becomes life threatening. He came very near having to go on lifestyle support, Moss says. But he switched it around and got better. Researchers are trying to develop a vaccine for RSV. One problem may be the immune systems of the hardest-hit groupings – – newborns – – are so immature, it’s hard for vaccines to work.. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes Listed below are risk factors associated with the advancement of carpal tunnel syndrome: Pregnancy arthritis and other notable causes of inflammation of the wrist Endocrine disorders such as for example diabetes and hypothyroidism Wrist fracture Alcoholism Carpal tunnel syndrome is certainly rare in children.